Fresh Douglah x Butch T Peppers – Organic

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Picked fresh off the plant, and delivered to you dripping with heat! Read more about it, or watch a video review below!

Heat Level: 13 – Indescribably Hot

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Product Description

– Trinidad Douglah x Scorpion Butch T –

Variety Info:

This is an extremely hot cross between two of the hottest varieties in the world: the Trinidad Douglah and Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. This particular strain has a very pimpled exterior, which can be as pronounced as spikes. It is brown in color, and has not been officially rated on the Scoville scale. But most who’ve tried it have said it was the hottest pepper they have ever eaten!


The heat on this chile is very intense. It has a slow build up, so the ride can be quite excruciating. It’s one of the hottest crosses out there! Primarily goes after the back of the throat, tongue, and roof of the mouth.


The flavor is both fruity and floral, with smokey tinge.

Organic & Biodynamic:

Each of our Douglah x Butch T chiles is meticulously cultivated and nourished in nutrient rich, organic soil. Water comes from our own self-contained, free flowing spring, originating in the aquifers of the rolling hills of central Tennessee. Harmful chemicals and city tap water are never used. You can read more about our exceptional biodynamic growing practices here! It’s what makes our chile peppers the unrivaled, and preferred choice for heat!

Looking for dried Douglah x Scorpions? We have those too!

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