Fresh Chocolate Bhutlah SM Peppers – Biodynamic

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Picked fresh off the plant, and delivered to you dripping with heat!

  • Heat: Level 4




– Chocolate Bhutlah | Steven McLaurin –

Variety Info:

This is the legitimate Chocolate Bhutlah, propagated by Steven McLaurin. Originally, the Chocolate Bhutlah was created by accident by a man named Chad, who gave seeds for the Red Bhutlah to Steven. When Steven grew the seeds out, one plant produced chocolate colored pods. Thus the legend was born.


Level 4. The heat is overwhelming. It burns everywhere in the mouth and throat.


Floral and slightly earthy flavor.


What is biodynamic? Short version – it’s similar to organic, only better. Each of our plants is skillfully cultivated in nutrient rich, biodynamic soil. They’re irrigated with our own mineral rich spring water, and never come into contact with chemicals. You can learn more about our unparalleled growing practices here! It’s what makes our chile products the unrivaled choice.

Looking for dried Chocolate Bhutlah SM’s? We have those too!

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