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The real thing! Picked fresh off the plant, and delivered to you dripping with heat! Read more about it, or watch a video review below! Heat Level: 14 – DragonFire

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Product Description

– Chocolate Bhutlah –

Variety Info:

The Chocolate Bhutlah is said to be a contender for the hottest pepper in the world! A lot of reviewers have said that it was the hottest pepper they’ve ever eaten! This isn’t just another Chocolate Bhutlah knock off that you can everywhere online. This is the real Chocolate Bhutlah DM F3, the very same strain reviewed by Ted Barrus, and labeled as the hottest pod he’s ever eaten! Originally, the Chocolate Bhutlah was created by accident by a man named Chad, who gave seeds for the Red Bhutlah to Steven McLaurin. When Steven grew the seeds out, one plant produced chocolate colored pods. As it turned out, it was smoking hot!


The heat from this chile is overwhelming. It burns everywhere in the mouth and throat, rather than going for one specific section. It is a very intense and violent burn. Possibly the hottest chile in the world (unofficially)!


The flavor is typically floral, though my hat is off to you if you can taste anything after the heat kicks in.

Organic & Biodynamic:

Each of our Chocolate Bhutlah chiles is meticulously cultivated and nourished in nutrient rich, biodynamic soil. Water comes from our own self-contained, free flowing spring, originating in the aquifers beneath the rolling hills of central Tennessee. Harmful chemicals and city tap water are never used. You can read more about our exceptional biodynamic growing practices here! It’s what makes our chile peppers the unrivaled, and preferred choice for heat! Looking for dried Chocolate Bhutlahs? We have those too!

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