Dried Apocalypse Red Peppers

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Picked fresh off the plant, and delivered to you dripping with heat! Free shipping!

  • Quantity: 10 Dehydrated Pods
  • Heat Level: 12 – Insanely Hot

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Out of stock


If you eat one of these peppers, you may truly feel the end of the world is coming!!! This pepper originated in Italy, and is incredibly hot! They ripen to a vibrant red, have a fruity flavor, and often sport really thick tails. It has not been officially rated on the scoville scale, but it is in the same class as the world’s hottest!

Each of our Apocalypse Scorpions is meticulously cultivated and nourished in nutrient rich, organic soil. Water comes from our own self-contained, free flowing spring, originating in the aquifers of the rolling hills of central Tennessee. Harmful chemicals and city tap water are never used. You can read more about our exceptional biodynamic growing practices here! It’s what makes our chile peppers the unrivaled, and preferred choice for heat!

Looking for fresh Apocalypse Scorpions? We have those too!

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