About Us

We’re a small farm based in the hills of central Tennessee, and have been farming on our acreage for over 10 years. We farm biodynamically, using absolutely no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. We nourish our soil with what nature provides for us, compost, wood chips, and leaves. No-till is also practiced on the farm, which means we don’t disturb the ecosystem establish by the soil, allowing for biological harmony, and healthier plants. In addition, we irrigate solely with our own mineral rich spring water. We’re also the only chile pepper company that is solar powered! Read more about our growing practices here!

We grow the hottest peppers in the world, including the current record holder for heat, the Carolina Reaper! The former champions, the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), and the Trinidad Scorpion are also grown here on the farm. But, in addition to the official record holders, we also grow lots of other varieties that deserve special mention. Some of which are even hotter than the Carolina Reaper! They just haven’t been officially placed on the Scoville scale yet. Try them and see how they compare for yourself!

A list of the hot pepper varieties we’re growing in 2017:


Our Story


When we originally started farming over a decade ago, we experimented with Miracle Grow, and other fertilizers, and were amazed at how our plants grew a full inch overnight. We hadn’t yet learned about the negative effects manufactured fertilizers have on the soil, and thus to the food produced from it. But we were quick to learn.

As our operation expanded, we began to learn more about organic farming, and began to practice it. It was only a few years later, that we met a man that used absolutely nothing on his farm, unlike the other organic farms in the area. His vision was enriching the biology of the soil, and that healthy soil would mean healthy plants. We really liked the sound of that, so we threw away our organic soil amendments, and started pilfering bagged leaves from the side of the road.

Read about our biodynamic growing practices here!