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The biodynamic source for the world’s hottest peppers!

Our chile farm is home to the hottest peppers on earth! We grow over 50 different varieties of tongue-searing goodness, including the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper! We cultivate our chiles biodynamically, which makes them a special kind of awesome. Bursting with flavor, vitamins, micro-nutrients, and heat.

You can experience this greatness for yourself with our fresh pods, dried pods, seeds, or powder!

Learn more about how we grow, as well as see a list of varieties being cultivated for the 2017 season, on our About Us page.

Fresh Carolina Reaper


We treat our farm like a living entity – not a factory. Only enriching the biology of our soil with what nature provides for us.

Spring Irrigated

Our chile plants drink the mineral rich spring water that flows freely from the hills surrounding the farm. No city water.
No river water. Ever.

Solar Powered

We’re the only chile pepper company that uses sustainable solar power! Yay for the Sun!